30 Day Writing Challenge

“Practice makes progress.”

Yup, we’ve all come across this phrase at some point. I think in most cases, we read it and do a slight eye-roll and then go about our day, but there comes a time when we stop and really consider applying it to something in our lives.

For me, it’s putting my thoughts on paper (whether that be actual or digital paper). Growing up, I used to journal on a regular basis. While most of what I wrote was about the latest school gossip or my crush-of-the-month, it was a helpful way of clearing my mind to be ready to take on the next day.

Now more than every, I’m finding that I need to get back into this habit not only to clear my mind of random thoughts, but also to document all the cool things I come across on a daily basis. This is where a good ol’ challenge comes in. For the next 30 days, I’m going to challenge myself to write for 30 mins everyday.

What exactly am I going to write about?

Anything. Just about anything that’s circulating in my beautiful mind. It will most likely land on one of the following three places: a hand-written journal entry, a blog post on the blog I share with my sister (Simply Latina) or a post on this blog where I’ll be writing about all things design related.

With the help of a lovely app called Way of Life, I will be tracking my progress on a day-to-day basis. Looking forward to the next 30 days!

Ready, set, GO!

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